New Website

After many years we’ve taken the plunge and are redeveloping our website for better ease-of-use and to post more information and updates. We continue to serve our loyal customers – please do note the links at the very bottom of the page that lead to the old website login and weather data services – and are expanding our services to focus on a very undeveloped area of the wine industry: strategic vineyard planning, analysis, and management.

Those three sectors combine to create the real future revolution in the wine industry. Tradition dictates that much trial-and-error is used to find the perfect rootstock and clones with the perfect row orientation, system, spacing, and placement. Increasing climate variability is also undoing decades of vineyard plantings, reducing quality and yields. Climate variability will be a challenge for decades to come.

Terra Spase has developed mapping technologies that combines data sets into comprehensive regional, local, and individual vineyard assessments and analysis. This provides vineyard owners with powerful information to make both short-term and long-term decisions affecting planting, replanting, water usage, pest control, and more.

With our new web presence we hope to provide a comprehensive description of our services as well as tips and insights on the industry.

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