Adcon Telemetry & Weather Data

As an authorized Adcon Telemetry representative in Napa and Sonoma Counties, Terra Spase offers a full range of weather monitoring services. Terra Spase provides sales, installation, support and network administration services for a full line of weather monitoring products.

Adcon’s remote, wireless weather measuring stations collect temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, leaf moisture, and solar radiation data in the filed and transmit these data via radio, at 15 minute intervals, to a central base station and computer. The data are archived at the central station and made available for downloading to weather system users with computer modems and Adcon’s proprietary data acquisition and processing software.

Adcon’s software summarizes the collected data and allows them to be viewed and manipulated by the end user. A unique feature of Adcon’s software is its ability to provide risk forecasting and early warnings for numerous crop diseases including powdery mildew, Botrytis, and downy mildew. Sophisticated forecasting models built into the software are driven by raw data collected by Adcon’s remote weather measuring stations.