Vincula Spatial Information System Service

Vincula, our state-of-the-art winery spatial information system service, is a groundbreaking integration of winery spatial data management, statistical analysis, and communication software tools which offers real time global tracking of wine characteristics from the vineyard to the bottle. Vincula extends your graphical data management system from the vineyard into the winery. By using the Vincula software system over a period of time, wine makers and vineyard managers will be able to adjust conditions in the vineyard and in the winery to maximize the quality of finished wine from the operation.

Vincula was co-developed with ETS Laboratories of St. Helena to assist wine professionals in organizing, analyzing and presenting wine analytical and processing data in an efficient and effective database structure. By tracking the physical and chemical parameters of wine during the winemaking process, the winemaker can evaluate the results of different processes and relate those results back to conditions in the vineyard. The data can be analyzed statistically to determine the factors which are correlated with specific wine characteristics (i.e. pH, color, phenolics, N status).

Our Vincula system service begins by jointly establishing a protocol for your specific wine project. Next, vineyard and winery data is collected and entered into the Vincula database on a predetermined timetable. Laboratory analyses of soil, vine, fruit, and wine, as well as processing information such as length of fermentation, number of pump-overs, and time in barrels may be included. Data can be entered into the database either at the winery, ETS or at Terra Spase’s offices and updated or revised daily using sophisticated communication software. This enables the winemaker to evaluate the most current processing information available as the project develops. You can also quickly view data in a graphical format or create reports for any process that might be tracked during the project. Some of these processes might include describing fertilization irrigation, fermentation, racking, or barrel aging parameters. Data analysis using descriptive, spatial, multivariate, and principal component analysis will be conducted by Terra Spase and included in interim and final reports for your project.