Plant Material Needs

Local Nurseries: An evaluation of local nurseries for planting material needs will be undertaken. Size, quality, disease free status of mother vine material and availability of both preferred scion and rootstock selections will be done.

Import Plant Materials: working with selected US based nurseries certified scion and rootstock combinations can be imported either as dormant bench grafts or as tissue culture plantlets.

Mother Blocks and Nurseries: Guidance on the development of in-house mother blocks of certified elite scion and rootstock plant material can be provided.

Greenhouse and Grafting Facilities: An overview of options with regard to the development of plant production facilities and needs can be provided by our nursery expert.

Nursery Operations: Supervision and training of local staff with regard to the planting, growing, harvesting and evaluation of planting materials can be provided. Protocols for quality assessment and grafting and cold storage options can also be provided.