Soil and Site Analysis

Climate Analysis: Using state of the art weather analysis of growing degree days (GDD), frost free days (FFD), maximum, minimum, and average temperatures, precipitation, and chilling hours, we can compare existing data to archived data for many areas of CA and the west coasts. Potential disease risks can also be analyzed using disease forecasting models.

Site Selection: Using the Terra Spase Vineyard Suitability Model (TSVSM) major climate, soil and topographic features can be used to do a first level analysis of potential vineyard sites that may be suitable for major white and red wine grape cultivars.

Topographic Mapping: A detailed topographic map suitable for base map use for vineyard layout and irrigation system design and installation will be directed through a local survey provider with the required GPS equipment and software.

Soil Description and Analysis: Using on site soil mapping the appropriate number of soil pits or probe locations is selected and soil samples collected for physical and chemical laboratory analysis either in country, if appropriate facilities are available, or in a USDA certified agricultural testing laboratory in the US.

Soil Mapping: A suite of GPS based soil chemical and physical maps of 26 different soil variables from both the surface and subsurface layers is produced to guide the soil amendment and pre-plant tillage operations.

Soil Vigor Potential: The TS proprietary Soil Vigor Potential Model (SVPM) has been used to identify and select the best possible locations for establishing specific scion and rootstock combinations over thousands of acres of new and existing vineyard land in the US and abroad.

Soil Block Layout: Based on the combined results of the SVPM and other applicable soil data, vineyard blocks are designed to incorporate uniform rootstocks, spacing and trellis configurations so that future management of irrigation, canopy, disease control and crop loads can e made using a minimum of time and effort and thus expense.

Soil Pre-Plant Recommendations: A solid foundation of soil nutrition is paramount to reducing expensive chemical and labor requirements over the life of a vineyard. Pre-plant soil recommendations are made for individual blocks based on the existing soil conditions at the time of mapping.

Cultivar and Rootstock Selection: Based on project goals (production and/or quality) recommendations for the best possible combinations of scion, clone and rootstocks will be made for each individual block under consideration.

Vineyard Configuration: Vine trellis type and row and vine spacing will be developed based on the goals of the project and the desire to use either or both hand labor or mechanized equipment initially or at some time in the future.