Water and Irrigation

Water Supply: The location and development of potential and existing water supply sources will be analyzed. A timeline for the development of all water sources including reservoirs, wells, and other surface and subsurface sources will be developed.

Water Supply Capacity and Quality: An analysis of existing and future needs for water supply from both a quantity and quality perspective can be developed for the acreages being considered as plantable.

Irrigation Design: Based on the soil site analysis and block design a detailed irrigation system design will be developed that includes: main line size and location, lateral line number, types of pumps, types and locations of water fertilizer and amendment injection systems., size and location of drip lines and sprinkler assemblies.

Irrigation Materials List: Working with local irrigation supply companies a detailed materials list can be developed and a purchase initiated with enough lead time to insure installation prior to the planting of vines.

Irrigation Installation: An on-site review of the irrigation system installation can be conducted.

Irrigation System as Built: A GPS based as built map of the entire irrigation system can be provided.