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Strategic Vineyard Management

Paul Skinner, Ph.D., Viticulturist and Soil Scientist, is educated, trained, and experienced in all aspects of premium wine grape production for small and medium super-premium brands and wineries as well as large scale wine producers. Paul provides a professional, science based, and completely independent evaluation and perspective on current grape growing practices which can lead to improved management, production, and quality targets. Paul’s assessment of the “state of your vineyard” and its’ interactions with the winemakers and wineries that use the fruit may lead to increased efficiencies and financial returns that are currently not being realized.

Whether its increasing your production (lbs of fruit per ft of cordon), improving the quality of fruit in the vineyard, or reducing costs by adopting new technology, equipment or management practices, Paul has close to 30 years of experience helping the largest wineries and vineyards as well as many of the smallest and most expensive brands on the West Coast reach their financial goals.

Paul is available to meet and discuss how he can help your company strategically align your vineyard operations to better address each of the vineyard challenges you are now grappling with or will face in the near future.

Terra Spase was founded in 1994 by Paul Skinner, Ph.D. of Vineyard Investigations to offer GIS solution oriented consulting services to vineyard owners and wineries. Our unique array of spatial information products include a powerful set of in-house tools and services which combine soil, weather, vine and wine data with statistical analysis, forecasting, and mapping tools.

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Vineyard Development

Terra Spase has successfully evaluated and planned the development of state-of-the-art wine and table grape vineyards on thousands of acres of existing and potential vineyard land across the U.S., as well as internationally. Terra Spase’s experience with premium, wine-grape vineyards began in the pre-phylloxera, California era and extends through today’s increasingly complex and quality driven requirements. Having worked through several cycles of planting with new, improved soil mapping techniques; new scion and rootstock combinations; new trellis and canopy management; and mechanization constraints has put Terra Spase in the forefront of meeting today’s viticultural challenges.

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